Perfect Basmati Rice

Basmati rice can be a real pain to get right. I spent ages and ages trying to perfect it – on most occasions I ended up with a pot of mush! I really did think I finally had it right until an Indian programmer came to work for me – what a lesson I learned – this is perfect every time and so simple!!!! (though I still messed with his recipe and think it’s much better!)

Wot u need
1 mug basmati rice (not quick cook)
3 mugs cold water

Wot u do
Place the rice in a sieve and rinse once to get any shite of it. Stick the rice in a microwave bowl add the water stick in the microwave uncovered and cook for 15 minutes (yes, fifteen) at about 500W. Remove, rinse and place back in the microwave, dry, for five more minutes.

Bloomin perfect every time!!!!

It works every time if…AND THIS IS IMPORTANT…you use basmati rice from an Indian grocer. The major supermarkets sell “new” rice which goes mushy – you will save yourself money and get better “older” rice by visitng an Indian grocer.

Top tip: Double the quantities but not the time – for bigger portions can also treble but not time.

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