Potato Scones

Another very mad and very peculiarly Scottish recipe. A potato scone is

Potato scones

strangely named – it does have potatoes as the main ingredient but it does not resemble a scone in any way whatsoever! These scones can be eaten on their own, with butter or – best – fried with baked beans and bacon! They are a great way to use up some old potatoes and they are madly good – a real classic.

Wot u need
500g cooked potatoes
125g-150g plain flour (or any other flour you have)
1 tbsp. butter
1/2 tsp salt

Wot u do
Whilst still hot, mash the potatoes finely – I use a potato ricer which works well.  Add the butter and salt and stir with a spatula until melted. Cover and cool.

When completely cooled, add the flour and mix with a spoon and then by hand till you get a thick but pliable dough (this will happen – only add the flour needed!) Roll out on a well floured board to around 8mmm thickness or slightly thicker. Don’t be scared of flour at this stage – if you don’t have enough flour on the counter the scones will stick! Use a pastry cutter and cut to desired size. Heat a dry frying pan to medium heat then drop on a few of the potato scones. Wait a full three minutes (if you don’t you will end up with a sticky mess – trust me!) and then turn and cook for a further three minutes. Scones are ready when dotted brown on each side. Cool on a cooling tray to stop going soggy.

Makes about 10-12 potato scones.

Top tip:I use a 6inch cutter and then a pastry scraper to create triangle scones from the dough.


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