GaGa Soup (pea and ham)

This is my granny’s or “gaga’s” soup. It was the only pot of soup she made and it was served out most Sundays to start our lunch. It really is excellent – dead simple and brings back great childhood West of Scotland memories. And it is healthy and easy. You’ll notice there’s no need for stock cubes – there’s enough flavour from the ham hough.

Wot u need
500g package of dry split green peas
One ham hough (or three to four ham stock cubes)
Three medium or two large onions chopped.
Three celery sticks chopped
Four medium to large carrots, grated
1500 mls boiled water

Wot u do
Rinse the dries peas. Add to slow cooker and cover in boiled water. Add the ham hough, celery, and onion. Cook on high for three hours, turn down to low for a further two hours. Remove the ham hough and add the carrot. Cook for a further two hours on high. Shred ham hough and add to soup. Season with white pepper (you likely won’t need salt.) Cool and serve.

Serves: loads!

Top tip: Cook for longer (burn the arse out of the soup) for a richer taste. Cooled soup goes a bit thick but can be brought back to life with some hot water from the kettle.

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