Steak dinner!

You know all these chefs and fancy folk tell us that steak should be cooked for a couple of minutes – what a load of pish! Who the hell wants a plate full of blood? Not me for sure. This recipe will give you a great steak dinner PROPERLY cooked 🙂

Wot u need
2 fillet steaks
8 battered onion rings
1/2 red pepper cut into strips
1/2 yellow pepper cut into strips
2 cherry tomatoes
3 potato croquets
Knob of butter
Some olive oil
Pepper sauce

Wot u do
Take each steak and season with salt and pepper (steak takes salt no problem due to thickness.) Add butter and olive oil to a pan and heat on high. Add steaks, turn pan to medium, and cook for 10 mins each side for medium, 8 mins each side). Meanwhile heat some oil in a wok or frying pan and cook off the peppers and tomatoes till nicely caramelised.

Cook croquettes, onion rings and pepper sauce as per packet instructions!

Serves two.

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