Fruit Crumble

This is a true British classic – simple to make and very heartwarming.

Wot u need
50 g softened butter
50g brown sugar
100g plain flour
500g cooked fruit (apple/rhubarb/cherry – can use tins)

Wot u do
Mix the butter and brown sugar in a bowl and work with your fingers until well creamed. Add the flour and again, with your fingers, mix until a fine breadcrumb consistency is acheived (mix should break quite easily when squeezed but not be powdery.) Place the cooked fruit in a 1L casserole or pyrex dish and cover with a good three centemitres of crumble mix. Cook in the middle shelf of a pre-heated oven at 200 degrees c.

Serve with cream or custard! Serves 3-4

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One Response to Fruit Crumble

  1. Lost Ninja says:

    Big fan of crumble, though I mainly only make rhubarb. I eat it in a traditional Scottish way, or so I’m told, with milk poured over.

    Recipe I use for the crumble topping has some or all of the flour replaced with porridge oats. It can make the topping a bit stodgy, but can also add to the taste.

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