Top Hats

This recipe couldn’t be more simple – it’s great and can be used for charity events and other fundraising activities. The name

Top Hats

Top Hats

comes from the shape of these wee cakes – they look like the Mad Hatter’s top hat from Alice in Wonderland.

Wot u need
1 pkt marshmallows (approx 20-25)
100g cooking chocolate (Belgian is a real treat)
20ish petit four cases

Wot u do
Melt chocoloate very slowly in a bowl over simmering water (15 mins) – don’t stir until chocolate fully melted or it will get grainy. Pour about 5-7mms of the chocolate into the petit four cases and simply pop a marshmallow on top. Stick in fridge and eat when set. Magic!

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One Response to Top Hats

  1. Ban Eyeliner says:

    When I make these, I put a wee dod of chocolate and a smartie on top.

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