spaghetti bolognese

Spag Bol has so many connotations of the 1970’s and the British cooks attempt to become “continental.” However it really is a fantastic dish and is a real staple that your family and friends will enjoy again and again. This version comes from a friend of mine and it came from his parish housekeeper – it took us a while to prise it from her grasp!

Wot u need
500g steak mince
One onion
Two cloves of garlic chopped finely (not crushed)
Three tsp. Italian mixed herbs
Three tsp. oregano
Two bay leaves
Two tins chopped tomatoes (or one tin toms and one of passatta)
One tbsp. tomato puree
One glass red wine (cheap stuff or leftovers)
Salt and pepper
Cold water

Wot u do
1. Chop the onion finely, add the chopped garlic and lightly fry in olive oil till cooked.

2. Add the mince and brown it.

3. Add the dried herbs, tomatoes and tomato puree.

4. Add a glass of red wine and one tin of water (use one of the tomato tins).

5. Add salt and pepper and the bay leaf.

6. The secret of this recipe is in slow cooking it. Cook very slowly for best results – simmer for 2hrs. Cover pot whilst simmering with only a small space to allow a little evaporation. (At start of simmer the dish looks a bit “wattery” – this is normal).

Serves 3-4

Top Tip
If I am growing basil I sometimes change the oregano and replace it with three tsps chopped basil leaves.

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