Nachos are mad! They are the ultimate TV snack that can be enjoyed when you simply can’t be bothered making anything big. I’m sure they must be bad for you but they taste absolutely brilliant! I reckon having these once in a while is absolutely fine.

Wot u need
Some corn tortilla chips (plain flavour)
Grated cheddar cheese
Jalapenos from a jar
Tabasco sauce

Wot u do
Stick the grill on at full. Take a handful of tortillas and place on the bottom of a dinner plate. Spoon on some salsa. Cover again with a layer of tortillas. Sprinkle on some cheese. Repeat till portion size suits you. Stick in the microwave at high for 1 minute till cheese melts. Finish off under grill for a further minute. Sprinkle with jalapenos and a good sprinkling of tabasco sauce.

Serves 1 – enjoy!

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