This is a really special “Murphy” dish that is brought out at every event over hundreds of year. My dear granny (gaga) started the tradition and I carry it on till this day. If you want to be happy, and if you want to have a happy event, then make this dish. It’s a very happy dish 🙂

Wot u need
Some madiera cake
Some jelly
A big tin of fruit salad with juice
A good glug of Drambuie (or sherry if you’re a bit of a whimp)
Some custard
Some cream stuff
Some glaced cherries.

Wot u do
The reason everything above is measured in “somes” is because I also create a different size triffle and can never find the same dish each time I make it. I’ll give my “usual” measures as I go here.

Cut the cake into small slices and fill the bottom of a round or square bowl till there is pretty much no spare room – cake should fill every space. Pour over the juice from the tinned fruit and also about 100mls of Drambuie. Add the fruit cocktail. Mix everything up to get a thick mess. Leave for five mins. Make up one pint of jelly (use one pack of jelly cubes) and pour over the cake till it is just covered (important). Allow to set in fridge overnight. Next day make up two pints of instant custard (err on making it slightly thick – add less milk), cool, whisk and cover the jelly/cake mix. Make up two packs of dream topping (whisk till really stiff – this looks like it will never happen but it will – about six mins using an electric stand mixer) and cover custard. Decorate with cherries!

Serves: Loads and is great on second day! Posh folk can choose to miss out the Dream Topping and use whipped fresh cream (yuck!)

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