Lasange is mad. I know it’s Italian but who the hell among us doesn’t see it as British? It’s a bloody classic! Enough said. Enjoy

Wot u need
Spaghetti bolognese
200g grated cheese + 2 tbsp or so for sprinkling
350-400 mls milk
1 tbsp plain flour
1 good tbsp butter
1 packet lasagne sheets

Wot u do
Make the spag bol and allow to cool. Once cooled make the cheese sauce. To do this slowly melt the butter in a pot till soft and not burned. Add the flour and mix to get a thick blobby roux. This step is important – any uncooked flour and your sauce will have lumps. On saying this it literally takes seconds to mix in the flour. Then add the milk 100mls at a time mixing as you go. The sauce will thicken. Once the milk is added sprinkle over the cheese and take off the stove mixing till the cheese is melted.

To assemble your lasagne first place a layer of meat sauce on the bottom of your dish or foil tray (what I use.) Then place some lasgane sheets on top then another layer of meat sauce and a layer of cheese sauce on top then lasagne sheets and a further meat sauce/cheese layer topped with lasagne sheets and a final layer of cheese sauce. Sprinkly top with some grated cheese and add two tomato slices.

Cook uncovered in oven at 200 degrees c for one hour (this dish takes a lot of cooking.) Check after 30 mins though if you like it less burned!

Serves 4. Can be frozen. 0

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