Macaroon Bars

As a boy from Coatbridge I grew up within a stone’s throw from Lee’s factory. This is the word famous home of the Lee’s Macaroon Bar. I can guarantee you that this recipe tastes EXACTLY like a Lee’s macaroon bar. Enjoy (and thanks to Linda at work for the recipe).

Wot u need
1 kg icing sugar
1 cooked medium potato
400 g milk chocolate
200g desicated coconut

Wot u do
This one’s a wee bit complicated but stick with it, go slow, and you will be fine. Firstly take a standard baking tray and cover the outside of it in cling film – yes the outside. Turn it upside down and set aside. On another baking tray sprinkle on the coconut and toast in a 180 degree C oven for 15 mins till toasted – check regularly – a light toast is all that is required – you must cool this. Boil a kettle and pour boiling water into a bowl. Break chocolate into another bowl and sit in the water bowl – touching the hot water – leave it alone for a while to allow the chocolate to melt. Puree the cooked potato with a blender and place in an empty baking bowl. Chuck in about 750g of icing sugar and stick your hand in and mix! Believe you me it will turn into a fondant dough in a few minutes. Keep mixing and kneading and add the remaining icing sugar as you go. Flour a table top with some icing sugar and roll out fondant into a rectangle about 15 cms x 30 cms and 1 cm thick – go slowly, keep things even and try and stay in a rectangular shape. Place on upturned baking sheet. Take the chocolate and spread half over fondant with a palette knife. Take half of the toasted coconut and and slowly sprinkle evenly over chocolate with a teaspoon. Allow to cool for 10 mins. Take another upturned baking tin and sit it directly on top of the coconut covered fondant and turn the whole thing 180 degrees -remove the cling film from the displayed fondant. Cover with remaining chocolate and coconut. Place in fridge for one hour. Remove and cut into bars.

Great for charity day baking sales!

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One Response to Macaroon Bars

  1. Jane Riddell says:

    This is a cracking recipe best one ive seen for macaroon šŸ™‚

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