Mexican Burrito

Diablo sandwich makers are simply the business. Nothing to beat them with a side of salad!

Wot u need (for 1 disc)
1 soft tortilla
4 slices red pepper
4 slices onion
1 big tbsp cooked rice (Mexican is good – one of those Tilda packets work well)
Hot sauce
5 chicken pieces out of cold meat packet
Spray oil

Wot u do
Spray then fry the onion and pepper lightly – 5 mins in grill-microwave. Spray Diablo plates and place 1/2 tortilla on one side. Pile up ingredients and drizzle some hot sauce. Season. Place top part of tortilla on Diablo and cook on gas at high for 3.5 mins either side.

Make 2 per person.

Serve with salad.

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