Chapatti (super-soft!)

I would really encourage you to try these little Indian breads. They are so easy to make, once you master them, and are brilliant for dipping into curries and other foods like chilli. They are also really good for you as they contain no fat and only a little salt.

I’ve tried for ages to get the perfect chapatti and I now think I have it!

Wot u need
2 mugs chapatti flour (I use medium, from an Indian grocer)
1 mug cold water
Pinch of salt

Wot u do
Add the water to the flour and mix with a wooden spoon. The idea is to get a lumpy mess – takes 30 seonds max. Cover and leave on the counter for thirty minutes. After thirty minutes add the salt and get your hands in lightly mixing the dough only a few times, no more than four or five turns just till it looks like a sticky dough. The dough needs to be a little on the wet side, it should stay together but stick a little to your hands also. Cover and leave thirty more minutes.

Split into six-eight balls.

Flour each side then roll out into a circle – I put some flour in the mug and roll the chapattis there. Lightly flour your counter to avoid your chapattis sticking. Take your time and roll the dough as thin as you can get it – 4mm is ideal.

Meanwhile, put a dry frying pan on to medium high – once hot place a chapatti on the pan and cook for two mins either side pressing down with your wet tea towel (do this around the edges to seal the air in). You will see the wet-look change to a dry white. Don’t burn. Once the wetness has gone remove from pan and place directly onto your gas flame for a few seconds each side – watch the bubbles rise!!!

Makes six-eight chapattis.


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