Skinny sweet potato and pineapple curry

DSCF7107This is a great tasting curry that gives you the effect of something really substantial without the use of any meats whatsoever. It’s simply bursting with flavour.

Wot u need
2 medium sweet potatoes cut into 1.5cm chunks
1 400g can pineapple chunks (in own juice, drained)
2 tbsp Patak’s korma paste
1 tsp cumin sseds
1 400g can coconut milk (I use reduced fat)
1 tbsp vegetable oil

Wot u do
Cook the sweet potato in boiling water until just soft, approx 10 mins (I use a steamer). Add the oil to a pan or wok and heat – once hot add the cumin seeds and cook for a minute or so until they crackle. Add the sweet potato and cook off for a further five mins. Add the korma paste and cook for five mins then finally add the coconut milk and pineapple, and simmer the whole lot covered for 15 mins. Season as required.

Serves 2

Top tips: Serve with basmati rice. Use a cartouche made from greaseproof or parchment paper to cover your pan – this stops steam moving around (when you use a traditional lid) and stops the curry from getting mushy.


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