To be honest with you I never really wanted to try cupcakes. However I did, and I’m glad I did. These really are worth the effort – I only realised this after baking them and sharing them.

Wot u need
140g margarine
17og caster sugar
3 medium eggs
10g baking powder
200g plain flour
10g milk powder

500g icing sugar
250g salted butter at room temp
2 tbsp milk (approx)


Wot u do
Cream the margarine and sugar in a mixer for five-10 minutes (using K beater) until the mix is pale, light and fluffy. When creamed, add the eggs one at a time at a medium speed, continuing to beat and scraping down the mixer bowl between the addition of each egg. Add all dry ingredients and mix on a low speed for a couple of minutes. Pipe into muffin cases ensuring you are less than half way up in case – THIS IS  IMPORTANT AS YOU DON’T WANT CAKES RISING ABOVE TOP OF MUFFIN CASE.

Bake for 15-20 mins at 180 degrees c fan till springy to the touch. Allow to cool.

Make buttercream by cubing the butter and mixing on a low speed for two mins (K beater.) Add icing sugar at a low speed and slowly till mixed (this stops a grainy texture and taste.) Add milk if required to loosen mix slightly.

Serves: makes 15 cupcakes

Use a palette knife to spread buttercream on cupcakes. Start from centre and pull knife down towards the paper casings – go all the way round. Mottle by simply lifting palette knife on and off buttercream once added to cupcake. Use green or orange food colouring for Halloween decoration!

  1. Buttercream, green food colouring, sprinkles, white chocolate buttons, black tube icing
  2. Buttercream, white and milk chocolate buttons, melted chocolate
  3. Buttercream, green food colouring, sprinkles, mini Oreos, Halloween sprinkles
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