Chinese fried rice

This dish couldn’t be easier – and the results are as good as takeout!

Wot u need
10 mls groundnut or rapeseed oil
1 eggs – whisked
250g cooked basmati rice – cold
10 mls light soy sauce
5 mls dark soy sauce
1 spring onion – finely chopped into little circles
2 tbsp frozen garden peas
1 tsp sesame oil


Wot u do
Heat half of the oil in a wok until smoking hot. Add the egg and turn till cooked. Remove and drop onto a plate – cop with a knife. Add remaining oil to wok, heat, add rice and quickly mix. Use back of your hand to feel top of rice in wok – when quite warm move to next stage. Add soy sauces and spring onion. Cook off quickly for three to four minutes. Add chopped egg and mix. Add sesame oil, stir and serve.

Serves one.

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