Rhubarb cordial*

This is a great way to use up garden rhubarb! You can add water and ice for a refreshing drink or, even better, add to prosecco or champagne for a real taste of summer!


Wot u need
3kgs chopped rhubarb (5 cm chunks)
200mls cold water
Caster sugar

Wot u do
Add the chopped rhubarb to a pan (I use a preserving pan), add the water and cover. Cook on a slow heat for an hour or until the rhubarb is all mushy. Set up a muslin strainer (Google it – purchase from Lakeland or online) and allow to drain for 24 hours. Don’t push rhubarb through, or cordial will be cloudy! Discard used rhubarb.

Measure strained liquid. For every litre add 750g caster sugar and 75mls lemon (I use Jif!)  I “think” I got 1250 mls of liquid and added 850g sugar and 85 mls lemon.) Bring to just under the boil and bottle in sterilised bottles. I made enough for just over 2 litres of cordial.

* recipe taken from Royal Horticultural Society website

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